Mission & Vision

Goal for setting a standard

During the process of establishing MMC and building, the management was keen to expand capacity in all aspects. Eventually more directors joined the initial team to get us to a bigger nuber of 24 directors at present. Soon after being in to our own premise, in 1984, it became essential to extend usage area of the hospital to provide mandatory useful facilities like ICU & CCU at an expected standard. Earned reputation demanded more from the hospital. So the Board of Directors decided for further vertical expansion of the hospital in 2004 along with well reputed services and vowed to accommodate new cardiac center.

Vision in to future

We now hope with the co-operation of the Doctors Community this new generation cardiac Center & Neurosurgery Hospital will be able to provide world class services. Due to rapid increase of cardiac and neurology patients in Bangladesh resulting from socio-economic changes and liberal food habit, treating patients within the country saving cost and foreign currency is a crying need of the nation. MMC has a farsighted vision of reaching the most with utmost sincerity at heart.